eCozy Central Unit

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eCozy Central Unit

What is a eCozy Central Unit?

The eCozy Сentral Unit is the base hub for the eCozy thermostats in your home. The Сentral Unit basically translates the "language" of the eCozy thermostat (as it talks ZigBee) and makes these commands understandable for the smartphone via WLAN.

Questions and answers

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Can I attach the eCozy Central Unit on the wall?

Its possible but not recommended to do so, to keep the device away from falling down and possibly braking.

How do I find out whether my eCozy Central Unit works (is ON)?

The logo on the top of the Central Unit flashes in blue or white - depending on the mode in which the Central Unit currently is.

How do I find my eCozy Central Unit model number?

eCozy Central Units have a model number that begins with a number, for example - 057_70B3D5DE000001C0_20160121. The location of the model number is on the bottom panel. Please turn around your Central Unit and check for the model number in the middle of the panel.

How long does it take for the eCozy Central Unit to load up?

eCozy Central Unit loading takes not longer than 30 seconds.

Is it possible to set different color for "Illumination"?

At the moment, “Illumination” feature has only one color available.

What is the range or distance of the Wi-Fi signal in my eCozy Central Unit?

The range of the WLAN signal is determined by your router. Check your router’s manual for additional information. It is possible that your eCozy Central Unit is unable to find or maintain reliable connectivity to your WLAN network because of a poor signal from the router. For example, most homes have “dead spots” where WLAN signals are weak. Since the eCozy Central Unit must be located somewhere next to the power socket, this problem can be corrected by moving your router to a better location or by setting up a repeater – a device that will pick up and rebroadcast the wireless signal from your router to your eCozy Central Unit. You can either purchase and install a WLAN repeater, or configure an additional router to serve as a repeater. Most standard routers can be configured as a repeater.

What is the range or distance of the ZigBee signal in my eCozy Central Unit?

On average, the range is approximately 10-20 meters within the walls.

What if I have large living place, do I need several eCozy Central Units?

In case you have a large living space, where one eCozy Central Unit is not enough, you can easily have the second one to have a role of a repeater and increase coverage.

Which Wi-Fi networks are compatible with the eCozy Central Unit?

eCozy Central Unit is compatible with the 2.4 GHz WLAN network.

What is Central Unit ‘Illumination’ and how to turn it on?

Central Unit ‘Illumination’ is designed to highlight the visual aspects of the eCozy Central Unit. For example, it can be used as a night stand in kids room.
To turn on ‘Illumination’ -
Open menu in your app by clicking on ‘triple line’ button in the top left corner.
Open Settings menu by clicking on ‘nut’ button.
Click on the ‘illumination’ on/off button to turn it on or turn it off.

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What is the "eCozy generic network"?

The "eCozy generic network" is the WLAN of the eCozy Central Unit and is required for the initial launch of the system.


How do I reset the Central Unit?

You will find a reset port located at the front part of a CU . You have to press and hold it for aproximately 5 seconds using a thin object (possible a needle).

What should I do if my eCozy Central Unit is blinking Blue-White all the time?

Blue-White blinking is CU's state of searching for WLAN Network.
Reset eCozy Central Unit.


General info

What is Central Unit ‘Illumination’ and how to turn it on?




General info



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